Ranked as One of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies for 3 Consecutive Years

Over 110 Years of Combined Vocational Truck Upfitting & Know How

Industry Leader in Truck Body & Specialized Trailer Manufacturing

National Foot Print Supported by Unparalled Commitment to Quality and Customer Service



GINCOR Truck & Trailer Werx is an industry leader in high-quality vocational vehicles including dump vehicles, snow plows, and severe service equipment including cranes and pup trailers.

How do we do it? With our commitment to quality, and the unique culture of our people.

Our commitment to quality is a promise that every product or service we build or provide is the best it can be. We are committed to constantly challenging the status quo, so that the only constant is change. But not just any change, but rather constant improvement and refinement of what already makes us the leader of the pack. That’s the first part of “how” we do it.

The second part is the people of GINCOR. From the early days in 1978 of the three original founders in Mattawa, a small town in Northern Ontario, to 550 employees coast-to-coast, we’ve always had a culture that we believe sets us apart.

What is the GINCOR culture?

  • We never miss an opportunity to make a difference – a difference for the better.
    We tell it as it is; we speak the truth and we stand by our word. There’s nothing to say other than the truth, and we are committed to transparency and honesty.
  • We see accountability and responsibility as privileges, not burdens. We bear these privileges proudly.
  • We proactively build strong relationships across departments and geographies. We do this internally first, to have a united, efficient, and consistent team approach. Then we bring it to you, the end users and owners of our products and services.
  • Ultimately, our people and our products are “Precision Tough.” Precision in the attention to detail in our relationships and our manufacturing, and tough in the grit and durability built into every product of ours that hits the road, the construction site or anywhere else.

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