Premium Dump Body and Pony Trailer Installations

Dump Bodies
For class 1-8 trucks

A little more cost adds up to a lot of extra value.

Gin-Cor Industries is Ontario’s leader in dump body installations for one simple reason…Quality. A Gin-Cor installation  is a premium package because it comes with exclusive to Gin-Cor components, upgrades and innovative installation techniques that come with over 25 years of installing quality BibeauTM dump bodies.

Our goal is to give you the best performing work truck on the market, because we understand that downtime costs you money. You can depend on a Gin-Cor vocational truck to perform in any conditions. We recognize that quality, service and long-term reliability are the keys to satisfied customers. That’s why Gin-Cor customers return time and time again.

Features that come standard in a Gin-Cor installation are costly upgrades at our competitors. At Gin-Cor there are no minimum standards.

Dump Body Manual

Installation Kit:

  • Installation of a bigger suction hose from tank to pump, which is required for better operation in colder weather.
  • All temperature oil rated to -50 degrees.
  • Pumps have a larger inlet port to protect the pump against cavitation and a larger return port to reduce back pressure in 3-line installations, which provides us a better cycle time and increased bearing life.
  • All pumps are properly adjusted for settings to 2,150 PSI.
  • Every PTO is crosschecked against truck engine specifications to allow for maximum hydraulic speed to prevent pump burnout.
  • Air System controls are the best components available on the market.
  • Cab-shields are custom fit to cab height and exhaust location.
  • Custom upgrades such as inside steps, bracket modifications and others are included at no extra charge.

Body Hinge / Cylinder

  • Gin-Cor uses the only precision-made greasable heavy-duty hinge on the market.
  • Reinforced front and rear box sills prevent cracking and cave-in.
  • Higher dump angles are attained by using the longest possible cylinders.

Air Tarp System

  • Reliable, fast, compact and attractively installed.
  • A counter-balanced system with no electrical components or air feedback into the cab.
  • Faster response, using quick release dump valves.
  • Aluminum air cylinder with a stainless steel rod and protected by a corrosion resistant rubber boot.

Air Tail Gate

  • Stronger, faster operating Gin-Cor exclusive tailgate system.
  • Quick release valve system with no air feedback into the cab.
  • Three different tailgate safety lock models to choose from.

Lighting System

  • Installed to Transport Canada Standards
  • Sealed light system for all components with all connections made to junction boxes.
  • Customized light systems, conventional and LED, are available to meet your requirements.
  • Custom completely sealed lighting harnesses.

Heat Kits

  • Box placement as close to the cab as possible.
  • Modifications to exhaust brackets where necessary at no extra charge.


  • All dump boxes are sand blasted and re-primed in-house before paint application.
  • Sherwin Williams Colour-Match paint system.
  • Paint is baked on and guaranteed.
  • High gloss, high build (very thick) finish far exceeding industry standards.


Pony Trailers

Compliment your dump truck with a pony trailer. Gin-Cor Industries provides the best available featuring quality steel or aluminum BibeauTM dump bodies. The same care and quality that goes into a dump body installation goes in to every pony trailer we build.

Heavy duty spec pony trailers are available in tandem and tri-axle configurations with air ride, rubber or spring suspension. Installations include heavy-duty chassis frame, swivel draw bar eye and your choice of steel or aluminum rims.

Gin-Cor will customize and configure the pony trailer to your particular application. We only use the best available components because “Clone” parts and “Just As Good As” parts don’t cut it here.

Steel bodies and Pony Chassis’ are sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted with high-grade Sherwin Williams Paints. We feature the Colour-Match System to give you an impressive, professional look.


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