Roll-Offs & Hook-lifts

For Class 8 Trucks
At Work When You Are

Practical, dependable, hard working. Words that describe you and your business should also describe your vocational truck. This is the Roll-Off we build at Gin-Cor Industries.

The Gin-Cor Roll-Off gives you the very best in a general purpose reeving style roll off hoist. This is the ideal truck for equipment floating and container transport. It’s built to be tough, problem free and to offer the operator ease of use and great functionality.

Highest Quality Finish

Bodies are sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted with hi-grade Sherwin Williams Paints. We also feature the Colour-Match System to give you a professional look that impresses as much as the quality of the truck. Of course, all of work to the deck is done away from the truck to avoid over-spray to the cab and chassis.

Quality Built

At Gin-Cor we pride ourselves on a high quality, high standard manufacturing process. We use only the best components available to ensure worry-free operation. No clone parts and no “just as good as” parts either. In-cab and/or outside controls are easily accessible, easy to operate. We sweat the details because we know they are the key to worry-free operation.

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