Snow and Ice Control Equipment

Here’s the best thing about building and installing our snow and ice products in Northern Ontario. To test equipment in the worst weather available, all we have to do is open the door. Our first customers were close to home, from the north! So we built the products to withstand some of the harshest, cruelest and coldest winter weather known to mankind. With the benchmark being our own backyard, we know our Snow and Ice equipment will stand up to any winter weather, anywhere in Canada and the Northern United States.

Gin-Cor brings Swedish Technology to North America with Falköping

Gin-Cor is proud to be the North American importer of Falköping snow and ice control equipment. The product line includes a variety of sand and salt spreaders. Configurations are available from manual all the up to truck mounted applications.


The newest technology comes in the form of the Hot Water Sander, extensively used in Sweden and Norway and currently being tested by MTO on rural roads in Northern Ontario.

Highest Quality Finish and Components on all Snow and Ice Equipment

Bodies are sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted with hi-grade Sherwin Williams Paints. We also feature the Colour-Match System to give you a professional look that impresses as much as the quality of the truck.

Our Snow and Ice product line-up is built and installed to demanding specifications. As with all installations from Dump Bodies to Roll-Offs, we only use the best available components for our Snow and Ice equipment. “Clone” parts and “Just as Good As” parts don’t cut it here. We buy the best from companies like Viking-Cives, Falköping and Michel Gohier.

At Gin-Cor we know that the best way to keep you happy is to keep you working.

Boxes and Sanders:

  • U-Bodies (4 season box)
  • Side Tippers (4 season box)
  • V-Hopper Sanders
  • Slide-In Rear Sanders
  • Discspreaders
  • Sandspreaders
  • Hot Water Sanders

Plows and Wings:

  • Steel or Tenelene One Way Front Plows
  • Steel or Tenelene Reversible Front Plows
  • Under Body Plow/Scrapers
  • Fully Hydraulic or Cable Front and Rear Wing Towers
  • Steel or Tenelene Plow Side Wing Moldboards
  • Front plow and wing harness systems


  • Viking-Cives
  • Falköping
  • Michel Gohier
  • Gin-Cor Industries
  • Snow Plow
  • Pioneer
  • Snow Plow
  • Snow Plow
  • Viking Proline with plow
  • Falkoping Hot Water Sander
  • Sander plows sm
  • Snow Ice ubody