Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) Vehicles

Vehicle Weights And Dimensions – For Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) Vehicles

SPIF Ontario Regulation:
An Ontario wide standard for commercial vehicles designed to further increase highway safety, improve commercial vehicle productivity, and reduce road/bridge damage caused by heavy vehicles.

SPIF regulations define the way any truck that was purchased from July 1, 2011 – onward has to be built to get maximum pay load in Ontario.

To achieve maximum output, a load equalizing steerable lift axle is used. If going with a lift axle; this combination gives you the most allowable pay load.

You can still have a tandem unit or twin steer under the regulations, but would not have the desirable outcome. You can still choose a non-steer but the pay load is greatly reduced with this configuration.

SPIF defines multiple measurement requirements that have to be met in all configurations.

For more information view the Ontario Regulation for SPIF