Gin-Cor Industries and DEL Equipment announced today they have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver a wider range of products and services, and increased technical and operational expertise to customers, coast to coast. Gin-Cor Industries and DEL Equipment’s combined teams and portfolio, and their commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in service and quality, position them to become the recognized leader in the manufacturing of vocational trucks across multiple truck segments.

“The decision to partner with Gin-Cor Industries is a key step in my succession plan,” stated Paul Martin, Secretary and Chairman of the Board, DEL Equipment. “We want to give the business and all of our employees the best opportunity to carry on the legacy my family has created. I am excited about partnering with Luc Stang, CEO, Gin-Cor Industries and his team, who bring strong operational expertise to DEL Equipment’s national capabilities.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Gin-Cor becomes an equity partner and member of the Board of Directors of DEL Equipment, with the responsibility of enhancing efforts to improve the operational performance of DEL Equipment locations across Canada. As a result, DEL Equipment’s President-to-date Paul Martin takes on the role of Secretary and Chairman of the Board of DEL Equipment. Luc Stang takes over operational control of DEL Equipment as President and CEO of both companies.

“The strategic partnership increases both companies’ service reach and capabilities to better serve our customers and partners, and positions us well to meet the needs of customers across all jurisdictions at a time when legislation is increasingly complex,” said Luc Stang, CEO, Gin-Cor Industries. “Knowing that both companies are driven by customer satisfaction, dedicated to innovation and high-quality products, and share a similar strategic vision and business values gives me confidence that this strategic partnership will enable us to significantly increase our footprint in the industry.”

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