When you drive down the road and see a Gincor mud flap you can feel proud that you helped to put it there. At Gincor you are building hard working vehicles that are built tough and designed to handle whatever is thrown at them. We build a variety of products and there are lots of ways that you can get involved and put your stamp on what we build. Click here for more on why skilled trades are the place to be, or check out some of our typical positions.


Welders are at the core of where our products gain their reputation for quality. Whether you are building a trailer, a flat deck, or welding a body onto a chassis, the quality of our welding needs to be top notch. We hire welders at all levels and generally work in steel or aluminum.


Installers are responsible for a variety of areas to make sure equipment is work ready. In all cases hydraulic and electrical components require connectivity and set-up. Equipment is tested and calibrated to required specifications. For truck mounted equipment, Installers put our products on chassis and connect their equipment to the chassis systems. On our trailers, installers run and connect wiring other mechanical systems preparing the trailer for final delivery. In this role you may be called an Installer, Assembler, Mechanic, or similar.


Everyone knows the importance of a nice-looking finished product. We pride ourselves on producing a finely finished product with superior paint. Our paint is applied in specific paint facilities located at many of our plants. We look for experienced painters who take pride in their craft. We will also train our own people to be painters if they have expressed a passion for it.


Everything we paint needs to be sandblasted. The quality of the sandblast directly impacts the quality of the paint job, so our blasters are critical to the finish of our products. If you are up for the challenge of a physical job where you can see the results of your efforts and you like to work independently to support the team this is a great place for you. If you want to work hard, we will train you.


Assemblers are responsible for a lot of different things depending on which product we are building. For our enclosed trailers, assemblers put together panels for the trucks either from raw materials or as part of assembling the final structure. In other plants assemblers may be responsible for putting together parts or components that are part of the installation process. In many cases we will train people who have experience working with hand and power tools.


Equipment operators run our more complex machinery where many of the processes start. Brake and Shear, Beam Welders, Various saws, and Plasma Tables, are just a few of the pieces of equipment we use and hire people to operate.




Our engineering department is at the forefront of all of our products. Because of the variety of our product mix and the fact that we pride ourselves on our ability to produce a custom product, our engineers are challenged on a daily basis to bring forward designs that are practical and meet the needs of our clients.

Our engineers are also vital to the innovation of and creation of new products. We want our people to continuously think of what’s next and what our customers may need. We look for:

  • Good communicators who can explain complex ideas at all levels
  • Go-getters who are willing to take initiative and dive into issues
  • Hands-on problem solvers
  • Innovators with a passion for new ideas and continuous improvement