Leadership at Gincor

Are you a leader? Do you know what it takes to build great team? We are always looking for people who know how to lead because we understand that the best teams have the best leaders. Our employee survey measures how much our employees trust the organization and its leaders, so building a trusting team is critical to having a great team that performs well. We look for engaging leaders who are passionate about working with others and who hold themselves and their team accountable. We look for forward thinking leaders who inspire innovation, are fair, and treat everyone with respect. Finally, we look for leaders who recognize that a leader is also part of a team.
Many of our leadership roles are filled by our existing employees who develop their skills and take advantage of opportunities to be promoted. We invest in the development of our leaders through a variety of training and mentoring opportunities. We take leadership seriously.
Some roles that we hire for include Shop Lead Hands, Supervisors, and Managers, and leaders who oversee our internal support teams, sales, service, and engineering teams.